Marmite Shortage

Mighty efforts being made to get Marmite back on shelf!marmite

June 2012


In November 2011, the Sanitarium Christchurch factory was temporarily closed due to earthquake damage. This factory is the only one that makes Sanitarium Marmite.

Engineers at Sanitarium’s Christchurch Factory in New Zealand confirm that they have identified additional structural damage to the factory. As deconstruction and strengthening work continues, it has revealed some further damage to the factory building where Marmite production is located. Further deconstruction of a part of the factory, next to where the Marmite plant is located, is required to strengthen the building. Unfortunately this will impact the greatly anticipated start up of Marmite production.


“We have received advice from our team of experts that we need to broaden our structural repair work to further increase the structural strength of the building. This is more than first anticipated by them,” says Pierre van Heerden, Sanitarium’s General Manager – New Zealand.


“Our revised estimated start up timeframe for Marmite production is October. Like our consumers we are frustrated at the length of time this is taking, but the safety of our staff has to be our first priority. I know everyone is putting in a mighty effort to get Marmite back on shelf as quickly as possible and we will continue working closely with our engineers and the authorities,” says van Heerden.


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