What is arborio rice?

I have a risotto recipe that calls for a cup of Arborio rice. I would appreciate advice as to what sort of rice it is and places where I could buy it.

Arborio rice is a short, fat-grained rice that is traditionally grown in Italy and used to make risottos. Most types of rice absorb twice their weight in water during cooking, however, Arborio rice can absorb 4-5 times its weight of liquid. This gives it a creamy texture for making risotto, without making it gluggy. It is for this reason that using normal brown or white rice may not be suitable for your risotto recipe. You can buy Arborio rice in most major supermarkets and it is usually found in the same section as the other types of rice. Like all types of rice, Arborio rice is low in fat and high in carbohydrates.

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