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Information about Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing.

Eat well. Live well.

Sanitarium believes in the potential of every Australian to live well. And we believe this starts with good, simple nutrition because... read more

Get to know our family

An overview of all the companies associated with Sanitarium. read more

Our products

Sanitarium was the first company to introduce healthy breakfast foods to Australians, and we were promoting plant-based eating long before it was trendy. read more

Moments that made us

When baker Edward Halsey began making the first Sanitarium products in 1898, he was driven by a desire to offer Australians healthier alternatives. read more

Driven by our philosophy

Everything we do – from the foods we create to the work we do in the community and how we care for our staff – is guided by an overarching philosophy. read more

Responsible marketing to children

Responsible marketing to children is fundamental to the way we do business, which is why we only ever promote healthy food choices. read more

Profits for charitable purposes

Sanitarium is wholly owned by the Seventh Day Adventist church and as an organisation that operates as a charity, it is exempt from company income tax. It pays other taxes that apply to Australian companies. read more

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