Acknowledging employees living our values

Acknowledging employees living our values

Our annual Spirit of Sanitarium Awards (SOSA) program celebrates people who live our philosophy and values every day through their work. In its 14th year, the 2015-16 program attracted 351 nominations for employees from all sites and business groups across Australia. That’s a 55% increase on 2014-15, and a new record. This year, eight people joined an honour roll of more than 115 past recipients of Living Our Values awards.

Sanitarium donates $1,200 to each recipient’s nominated charity, with a further $5,000 donated on behalf of our Laura Lee National recipient. In total, over $273,000 has been donated to a range of charities on behalf of recipients over the lifetime of the awards program.

Teams advancing our philosophies

The 2016 Spirit of Sanitarium Team Project Award went to a team that has adopted a high-achieving culture with team members living our values. ‘Line 3 Sanitarium Optimisation Excellence (SOX) Team’, submitted by Davin Cochrane, involved Beverage Line 3 in the Berkeley Vale factory. The project focused on people development in problem-solving, making the line more visual and encouraging open communication to build a one-team, one-goal workplace. The SOX team receives $5,000 to donate to the charity of their choice, Cancer Council Australia.

 “A huge thanks to Sanitarium, the world’s best company, for making this happen!” – Davin Cochrane

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