Life Health Foods

Life Health Foods is passionate about healthy, great tasting and convenient plant-based foods.

Life Health Foods New Zealand is where Life Health Foods started. It brings together a number of New Zealand’s most loved plant-based food brands including Lisa’s Hummus & Dips, Naked Kitchen, Naked Locals, Bean Supreme, Olive Grove and Food by Chefs. Innovation is core to Life Health Foods’ approach, with new varieties regularly launched across these popular, market-leading brands.

​Life Health Foods Australia acquired the Vegie Delights brand from Sanitarium in 2014 and shares a common mission - to improve the health and wellbeing of communities in Australia through a commitment to healthy plant-based foods that represent good quality and value for consumers. Bean Supreme, Naked Locals and most recently Alternative Meat Co. brands have been added to Life Health Foods Australia’s range.


In addition, the Seventh-day Adventist Church operates the following Life Health Foods entities in India and the UK.

Life Health Foods India is one of the leading soy manufacturers in India. Good health is a rising concern among Indians. With its Soy Milky and Almond Fresh range of dairy-free milks, Life Health Foods India is able to provide consumers great product at affordable prices without compromising on nutrition and taste.

Life Health Foods UK is based in West London and has set itself the goal of revolutionising breakfast in Europe. In 2015, the team here successfully launched UP&GO and Gluten Free Nutri-Brex into the domestic market.