Go vegetarian on Australia Day - a message from Hughsey

Australia Day for many conjures a vision of cooking slabs of steak or lamb on the barbie, but a cheeky new Facebook video from The Alternative Meat Co featuring comedian Dave Hughes humorously illustrates that meat isn’t the only way to go.

The video pokes gentle fun at the well-known Sam Kekovich lamb ads played on television each January, with Dave countering “it doesn’t need to moo to be true blue” and “it isn’t un-Australian to try something different”.

At Sanitarium, we believe a vegetarian diet is good for our health and the planet.

Vegetarian options can offer many benefits, including high fibre, low saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Our friends at Life Health Foods, owners of The Alternative Meat Company, have a delicious new range of vegetarian selections guaranteed to get any barbecue fired up, so check out their recipes or our vegetarian barbecue recipe collection.

As Dave says: “Why not chuck something vego on the barbie this Australia Day?”

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