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    5 Easy habits to get your family happy and healthy in 2019

    Busy. It’s a 21st century buzzword. And as you stare down another year of work and school chaos, the battle between busy and better health reignites. But what if you’ve been doing it all wrong? What if there was a simpler way to set your kids up for longer, happier and healthier lives? A new University of Notre Dame and Sanitarium report explores the idea that little things can make the biggest difference. read more

    How to host the ultimate vegetarian BBQ

    Think a BBQ is just for the meat-lovers? Think again! We share our top tasty tips to host the best vegetarian BBQ this summer. read more

    Big Lives: Why your family needs a healthy sleep schedule — and how to create one

    Research has proven the incredible positive impact that a simple, consistent routine before sleep has on children’s health and wellbeing - both short and long-term. Bad habits, like looking at phones or eating sugary snacks before going to bed, can make it harder to fall and stay asleep throughout the night. read more


    What's the difference between probiotics and prebiotics? You may have heard the terms prebiotics and probiotics but what do they really mean and what role do they both play in keeping you healthy? read more

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