Health & nutrition

    Meat the alternative - all you need to know about plant based meat

    We take a look at one of the biggest food trends to hit the scene – alternative meats. They're proudly topping restaurant menus and “must -try” lists. But what makes them popular? read more

    Are mental health days legit? Why it's ok to take one

    Taking a day off to look after your mental health can be just as important as taking a sick day. So why does it feel different and how do you know you need one in the first place? read more

    Wholicious living - health and nutrition newsletter

    Wholicious Living, a monthly newsletter that will nurture your body, mind and spirit with a variety of articles on plant-based foods, the latest nutrition advice, plus health and wellness tips for your whole being. read more

    Vegetarian meal plan ideas

    Try these plant based meal plan ideas throughout the day. read more

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