Weight loss articles

    Natural vs added sugar: everything you need to know

    You don't need to "quit" sugar to be healthy - many wholefoods or food products such as wholegrains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, and dairy and dairy alternatives contain some naturally occurring sugars and sometimes small amounts of added sugars. read more

    High protein low carb diets

    Does a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates really work for weight loss, and is it good for you? read more

    Fat or fiction: are saturated fats good for you?

    Choosing what fats and oils to use has never been more confusing. To help navigate the food temptations, our dietitians have summed up the latest science on oils and what option is healthiest, especially when it comes to looking after your heart. Here’s what they found. read more

    5 foods a dietitian always add to their basket and 5 they don't

    Eating like a dietitian shouldn’t mean expensive, hard to pronounce ingredients found in obscure aisles of the shops. Here’s what to keep, and what to cull from your supermarket staple list, according to a dietitian. read more

    Noom, sirtfood, f-factor - our dietitians review the latest diet trends

    Whether for wellness, weight loss or simply eating better, the chances are you’ve tried a new diet. With Noom popping up everywhere on social media, and Sirtfood getting celebrity praise, we review these diets and others that have been hitting the headlines. read more

    From Pegan To Planetary - Dietitians Review This Year's Top Diet Trends

    Move over Keto and Paleo, this year’s plate is overflowing with new diet trends from Pegan to Planetary. To help you spot fab from fad, our dietitians have reviewed and rated the hottest diets for 2019. read more

    Could brekkie before exercise burn more carbs?

    New research shows the secret to burning carbs could come down to when you eat breakfast. So, is eating brekkie before or after exercise best? read more

    Make a healthier choice with the health star rating

    The Health Star Rating is a great tool to help us stick with a nutritious diet. read more

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