Ada Nicodemou

Much-loved Australian television and media personality, Ada Nicodemou, is an enthusiastic advocate for promoting health and wellbeing for the whole family. A busy mum herself, she understands the real-world challenges that parents face when taking steps to raise healthy, happy and resilient children in modern times.

Ada joined forces with Sanitarium Health Food Company for the Little People Big Lives campaign, to share her own experiences and help inspire an important conversation among Australian parents about the benefits of cultivating positive physical, emotional and social health in growing kids.

“As a mum, my family’s health and happiness is the most important aspect of my life. What I love about this report is that it reminds us that kids still need what they’ve always needed — to be loved, cared for and encouraged, to eat well, to move and play and to sustain restful sleep. With the help of Sanitarium Health Food Company, I’m excited to be part of a movement that gives families the life tools they need to give Aussie kids the best possible start, through a wholistic focus on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.”

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