The guts of it - why your gut loves grain

Whole grains contain several types of cereal fibres and phytochemicals that increase diversity of gut bacteria and support good gut health.

Many of the cereal fibres and phytochemicals found in grains or found in high amounts than in other plant-based foods. 

The Guts Of It, by Dr Joanne McMillan, is a summary report based on a review of the latest evidence regarding whole grains and cereal fibres and their interaction with the gut. 

It shows whole grains and cereal fibre help to create a healthy gut by increasing diversity of gut bacteria, providing the prebiotics to fuel them, and slowly releasing long-lasting antioxidant protection. 

The unique way whole grains and cereal fibres affect the gut microbiome may be one of the reasons they help to control weight, reduce inflammation and lower the risk of heart disease and some cancers. 

Download summary report here

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