Party tricks to help you eat healthy

It’s called the ‘silly season’ for a reason but Christmas doesn’t mean your health goals should veer off track!

Did you know... on average Australians gain between 0.8-1.5kg over this period? But you can navigate your way through the holiday season's parties with these easy tips to keep your body and health on track for the new year.

Navigate the party food table

The food table at any party can be a trap for even the healthiest person in the room but these are ways to navigate the healthier options: 

Eat dinner before you go

The easiest way to successfully avoid the food table at any party is to eat beforehand. Having a light, healthy dinner before heading out means you’ll be feeling full and less likely to overindulge.

Smart positioning - far from the food table

If you stand next to the food table, you're more likely to eat what you see in front of you. Avoid temptation and stand on the other side of the room.

Snack smart

Most party food tables will have healthier food options. Instead of a handful of chips, choose cut up vegetables dipped in hummus or salsa, fruit pieces, sushi or a handful of nuts.

5 healthy ways to navigate a restaurant menu

We tend to eat out more during the silly season, catching up with family and friends, which also tends to mean we eat more than we usually would. But your everyday choices during the holiday season could help your waistline fight off that Christmas creep.

When eating at a restaurant:

  1. Choose grilled or baked rather than fried or battered
  2. Swap white bread for wholegrain
  3. Swap butter for olive oil
  4. Ask for dishes based on rice or pasta and plenty of vegetables
  5. Keep track of how many treats you’ve had in a food diary. Writing down your treats will help you to not overindulge.  

Navigate holiday eating

When you’re on holiday and out of your regular environment, finding healthy options can sometimes be difficult. When waiting at the airport or driving on a road trip, a bit of planning can help you stay on track.

Plan not to skip breakfast

Breakfast is one meal in the day where it’s easy to eat light and healthy. Start the day right by making the most of healthy options provided where you're staying or step out and buy your own.

Snack attack - head to the supermarket

Don’t fall into the snacking trap of chips, chocolate and lollies. It'll leave you feeling sluggish and your hunger won’t be satisfied. Instead, head to the local supermarket and stock up on nuts, oat-based muesli bars, fruit and wholegrain crackers and cheese to keep you going when you get peckish.

Carry water

Always have a bottle of water handy. It's the best drink for you and will also help stop you from overindulging when you’re hungry.

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