Social purpose

Creating shared value for everyone

For more than 120 years, we’ve pioneered nutritious, plant-based foods for households like yours, right across Australia. We believe passionately in the infinite value of people, and in nurturing the long-term health and wellbeing of every person, their family, and their communities. Today, we’re keeping up the good work by continuing to create sustainable social, economic and environmental outcomes that benefit the entire community and nurture and promote wholistic health. We call this our social purpose.

    Help solve Australia’s hidden hunger problem

    Help solve Australia’s hidden hunger problem with Foodbank Australia, Kickstart for Kids and the Australian Red Cross. 20% of Australian children have experienced hunger in the past year. read more

    Promoting active, confident, healthy kids

    Helping our community to enjoy a better life is part of the Sanitarium mission and we own and operate two national events that aim to get more people moving more often. read more

    Breakfast for everyone

    Every year, one In six Australians goes hungry. Sanitarium contributes to the fight against hunger on our own doorstep. read more

    Our partners

    Sanitarium works closely with a range of charities to tackle hunger in Australia and overseas. read more

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