Recycled soft plastics driving road base innovation

Have you ever recycled your plastic Weet-Bix liner or UP&GO plastic wrap through the REDcycle program at Coles or Woolworths? If so, chances are you’ve contributed to the new asphalt products strengthening our roads.

The latest is Reconophalt, a cutting-edge road-pavement alternative that uses processed soft plastics to bond and waterproof roads. It’s been developed at Downer’s asphalt plant in Teralba, NSW, using recovered materials from the REDcycle soft plastics collection program.

Lake Macquarie City Council is currently conducting a trial road resurfacing project with Reconophalt, demonstrating how everyday products can be sustainably repurposed.
It’s estimated the trial will use the equivalent of 586,000 plastic bags, 184,000 glass bottles, toner from 13,200 printer cartridges and 220 tonnes of reclaimed asphalt, completing the recycling loop for these products.
We partner with the REDcycle program to help you recycle our packaging and support the development of a circular economy for soft plastic in Australia. Since it launched, the program has collected enough pieces of soft post-consumer packaging to circle the world over 5.5 times.
Soft plastics packaging, including plastic bags, is easily scrunched and can’t be recycled in your kerbside bin. Look for the REDcycle logo on pack or visit the REDcycle website to find a list of accepted packaging and store drop-off locations.