Turning waste in to resources

We are working to achieve our waste management goals throughout our business, from our large-scale operations, to small staff initiatives.

In Australia ... 

  • We work with a variety of partners at factories in Australia and New Zealand on organic diversion, reusing our by-products for animal feed or pet food manufacture.
  • Metal waste from maintenance and equipment fabrication is sent for recycling. Metal drums which contained product ingredients are sent for reconditioning to be on-sold or recycled.
  • Plastic drums are recycled for uses like road base pellets and insulated cable. Plastic jars identified in quality control processes during product manufacture are also recycled.
  • Waste oil from the maintenance workshop is pre-treated before being recycled for industrial burner oil, hydraulic oil and in bitumen-based products.
  • We have joined the REDcycle soft plastic recycling scheme, which provides a collection service for soft plastic packaging materials including cereal bags in participating supermarkets throughout Australia. Last year 427 tonnes of soft plastic destined for landfil was recycled.
  • At head office and the Berkeley Vale factory, a continuous improvement team manage and identify new ways to keep waste from landfill, introducing organic recycling bins in the staff canteen and kitchens.
  • We partner with a not-for-profit organisation to reuse uniforms that can no longer be repaired, which are cut up for rags and on sold to the automotive and mechanical industries.
  • Our Carmel and Berkeley Vale factories collect our cardboard boxes from shipping and collapse them for sale or reuse.
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