Farm to your family

We all know that eating nutritious food can be a great experience. And when you can trust that it’s sourced responsibly, it makes you feel even better. So, at Sanitarium, we’re committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients to create foods that are good for people and the planet, from farm to family. We start by choosing food ingredients that are highly nutritious, and from sustainable agriculture. We are continually working to support agricultural practices that maintain healthy ecosystems. And we continue to educate people to choose sustainable, plant-based food, because when it’s produced better, it’s better for the planet, which is better for everyone.
    Our position on modern slavery

    Sanitarium is committed to reduce and work towards elimination of modern slavery incidents from our supply chains and operations. read more

    Ensuring best quality food

    We're committed to ensuring our suppliers meet our high standards for quality ingredient supply. read more

    Ethical sourcing and supply chain

    Acting with care and integrity to make a positive difference in our world isn’t just a vision for Sanitarium – it’s the way we do business. That includes how we deal with our suppliers and vendors, how we source our ingredients, and every detail in the manufacturing process. read more

    Food safety is our number one priority

    Our food safety expertise helps us to ensure the products you love are completely safe to eat. read more

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