Fighting lifestyle diseases

From bringing you Australia’s most trusted breakfast cereal, to helping thousands of Aussie kids enjoy active, healthy lives, we’re dedicated to helping you and your family experience health and happiness for a better life. And with preventable lifestyle diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes on the rise, we’re even more determined to make a difference. So we’re working to become more than a leading food business, but an industry champion for health and wellbeing – Australia’s go-to provider of health-promoting foods, nutrition education and programs that promote healthy bodies and minds, and reduce lifestyle diseases. By doing so, we’ll not only continue to help you and your family live better, but we’ll build stronger and more sustainable communities for the future.

    12 before 12

    12 before 12 is a super-dooper food adventure that teaches kids how to shop, prep, cook and eat their way to a big life that’s jam-packed with good health and fun times. read more

    Little People, Big Lives

    Little people big lives report. read more

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