HSR adopted by Sanitarium


In November 2014, Health Star Rating labelling on our products started to hit the supermarket shelves. Sanitarium was one of the first companies to support this voluntary labelling system, and we are pleased to be taking a leading role in implementing such an important national initiative.

Endorsed by the states and the federal government in June 2014, the Health Star Rating system scores a food product on a scale of 0.5 to five stars, based on its nutrient and whole food content. The system is aligned with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Dr Neal Blewett, former Australian Health Minister and Chair of the 2011 Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy, toured the Berkeley Vale factory in November 2014 to see some of the first Sanitarium products to feature the new Health Star Rating.

“This initiative will directly benefit consumers by making the challenge of seeking healthy food choices simpler and therefore easier. I hope that other food companies will follow Sanitarium’s example so that the Health Star Rating system ultimately comes universal on all packaged foods” – Neal Blewett

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