Breakfast for everyone

Your mother probably told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and like many favourite old sayings, it contains far more than a grain of truth.

Eating a nutritious breakfast is important for everyone – but especially for children, as it can provide up to a third of their daily nutrient needs. It also improves your kids’ concentration, so their teachers will thank you too!

But two thirds of Australian teachers (67%) report that children are coming to school hungry, and the problem is worsening. There are a variety of reasons for this, including lack of time and a poor understanding of the health benefits – but many schoolkids don’t skip breakfast from choice. 18% of Australians goes hungry at some point in the year. More than 710,000 of us receive food relief each month, and one third of these are children.

Join the club!

Sanitarium serves, supports and cares for others because we want to make a positive and lasting difference. Since 2001, we have provided financial and product support to the Good Start Breakfast Club, run by the Australian Red Cross. We also support breakfast clubs run by Foodbank Australia across the country, South Australian program Kickstart for Kids, the New Zealand KickStart Breakfast program and the Weet-Bix Breakfast Program, run by the C J Patel Group in Fiji.

The Australian Red Cross breakfast programs also support teachers and volunteers to teach food and nutrition literacy, good food hygiene and social interaction skills. And all of this effort bears fruit. Schools with breakfast programs report that they contribute to student physical (97 per cent) and mental (91 per cent) health, as well as positive student relations with staff (83 per cent) and with the wider community (70 per cent).

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