Coast Shelter Partnership

Sadly, more and more people across Australia are either homeless or living with the fear of losing their home. Coast Shelter, a Central Coast based charity in NSW, has been operating for over 27 years with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness and domestic and family on the Central Coast.

Sanitarium has been a huge supporter and friend of Coast Shelter’s for many years and since the formal partnership began, Sanitarium has donated over $250,000 and countless pallets of food and meal staples. The partnership has evolved over the years, moving from the support and sponsorship of Coast Shelter’s Sanitarium House program, where Coast Shelter leased four homes for families in need, to the support for their meals at Coast Community Centre and Laurie’s Table.

Coast Shelter calculates that Sanitarium has contributed well over 2,000 volunteer hours in support of the community through meal preparation and service supporting those in need. CEO Rachel Willis said “We here at Coast Shelter are incredibly proud to be tackling homelessness and domestic and family violence with Sanitarium as our friend and supporter. Without you and your team we would not be able to do what we do and we thank you for helping us to support those doing it tough.”

“In 2019 Coast Shelter nominated Sanitarium for the Corporate Volunteer of the Year award through Volunteering Australia Central Coast. We were so happy when we heard that Sanitarium made it as a finalist against a large competitive group of other worthy corporations.”

In the 2018/2019 financial year Coast Shelter accommodated 877 young people, men, women and children in crisis accommodation across the Coast, spanning from Norah Head to the Peninsula and 8 sites in between. The team also supported another 1,690 people with care coordination and support to live more independently in transitional housing and private rental.

In June 2018 Coast Shelter honoured their Founder and retiring CEO, Laurie Maher, by renaming their community restaurant Laurie’s Table. We are proud to report that Laurie’s Table served up more than 50,900 meals again last year and the Coast Community Centre provided the community with 1455 food hampers, showers, laundry facilities, financial counselling, energy vouchers, legal services and no-interest loans.

Sometime towards the middle of 2020, with the financial assistance and volunteer power of Sanitarium, Laurie’s Table and the Coast Community Centre will serve their 1.5 millionth meal to those doing it tough on the Coast.

Kylie Hogan, Volunteer Coordinator Coast Shelter said “Sanitarium is one of our trail-blazing corporate partnerships whose generosity has been ahead of its time here on the Centre Coast, with a well-established employee volunteering programme. Encouraging your employees to volunteer, such as giving time off to assist others at Laurie’s Table since 2012, not only greatly assists Coast Shelter to feed the vulnerable in our community, but it is well documented that these types of programs create a more positive working environment for your own employees.”
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