1.2 million children go hungry in Australia

The annual Hunger Report from our breakfast club partner and Australia’s largest food relief agency, Foodbank Australia, highlights the confronting reality of food insecurity for an increasing number of Australians. The latest 2021 report reveals that 1.2 million children have gone hungry in the last year and one in six Australian adults haven't had enough to eat in the same period. 

The issue of food insecurity in Australia has never been more prominent than it is right now with the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic transforming the day-to-day reality for many Australians. Vulnerable members of our communities who were already struggling before the coronavirus pandemic hit, are being hit even harder while others find themselves fighting to feed their family for the first time in their lives.      

The report highlights that food insecurity affects Australians from all walks of life in cities, regional and remote areas throughout the country. It shows people of every age, living alone, in families and in groups are susceptible and surprisingly, it affects more people in some form of employment (64%) than those who have none. 

Foodbank Australia’s CEO, Brianna Casey said “For a decade, the annual Foodbank Hunger Report has been describing the growing prevalence of food insecurity in Australia. The first report in 2012 was met with disbelief that there were people going hungry in ‘the lucky country’. Year-on-year the awareness of the issue has grown, but so too has the problem. What has become clearer since this report was first published is the diversity of people touched by the issue. Food relief is not only being sought out by those who are homeless and unemployed, but working families, refugees, single parents, school leavers, First Nations People and many more.” 

“Every day brings a new set of challenges, but Foodbank is determined to continue doing what we do best, not just during the crisis phase, but well into recovery, on top of our better-known role of providing food relief to those struggling with poverty and inequality in ‘normal’ times,” said Ms Casey. 

Sanitarium has partnered with Foodbank Australia since 2010 to help address food and nutrition insecurity through the Collaborative Supply programbreakfast clubs in schools and emergency relief support

What can you do to help
You can help to raise awareness of Australia’s hidden hunger problem by sharing Foodbank's social media posts  within your own network. You can donate food, funds or services and you can even roll up your sleeves and volunteer. Visit Foodbank Australia to learn more. 
Click here to read the full 2021 Foodbank Hunger Report 

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