Foodbank releases 2020 Hunger Report

The face of food insecurity in Australia has changed. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of all Australians, with vulnerable members of our communities who were already struggling before the pandemic hit, feeling the effects more quickly and more seriously. Alarmingly, many Australians who were already struggling to obtain food before the pandemic are going hungry even more frequently.
To highlight this issue further, our partner, Foodbank, has released their annual Hunger Report for 2020 revealing the shocking reality for a growing number of Australians facing food insecurity for the first time as a result of this once-in-100-year crisis.

Key insights from the Foodbank Hunger Report 2020
People are experiencing food insecurity for the first time due to COVID-19
  • Three in ten Australians who had not gone hungry before the pandemic are now experiencing food insecurity.
  • Charities have seen two completely new food insecure groups emerging as a result of the pandemic: the casual workforce and international students.
Young people are being hit the hardest by the impacts of the pandemic
  • 65% of Generation Z (aged 18-25) are unable to afford enough food at least once a week. A large proportion of this age group are casual workers in industries that have been hit hardest by COVID-19 such as retail, trade and accommodation.
Increased demand for food relief in Australia
  • 31% of Australian’s who already experience food insecurity at least once a week are seeking assistance from charities more frequently, up from 15% in 2019.
  • Those Australians who struggled with finding food before the pandemic are now going hungry more often with 43% going a whole day every week without eating.
Since 2010 Sanitarium have supported Foodbank Australia, the country’s largest hunger relief organisation providing over 210,00 meals a day to 2,400 welfare agencies across the country.
What can you do to help?
You can help to raise awareness of Australia’s hidden hunger problem by sharing Foodbank's social media posts  within your own network. You can donate food, funds or services and you can even roll up your sleeves and volunteer. Visit Foodbank Australia to learn more.
Click here to read the full 2020 Foodbank Hunger Report.
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