Good Start Breakfast Clubs

The Good Start Breakfast Club is run by the Australian Red Cross (ARC), offering a healthy breakfast and nutrition education to thousands of schoolkids in areas of greatest need around Australia.

The ARC runs breakfast clubs right across the country, from big cities to remote Indigenous communities. The clubs are about more than a healthy start to the day – they also offer a safe and welcoming environment and the chance for adults to model healthy eating and good hygiene.

Nutrition and budgeting workshops for parents, hygiene education, as well as school community gardens are just some of the ways the ARC is building a healthier future with communities. One of its long-term goals is to support communities to run their own breakfast programs, ensuring community ownership and control as well as sustainability of the program.

Sanitarium believes in genuinely caring for and serving others to make a real and lasting difference in our communities. In particular, we want every child to get a good start to their day, and so we have supported the ARC’s breakfast clubs since 2001 with funding and our products.

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