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Thank you for considering Sanitarium to help you help your community. We would be pleased to help if we can. Our biggest focus for our community is to tackle food and nutrition security. It’s why we support Foodbank and Kickstart (South Australia) in providing a Good Start Breakfast Club at 2,200 schools around Australia. We also allocate products to Foodbank who share food with 2,600 charities. You can find out more at

Here’s some things to consider when contacting us for support:

1. We like to share on our healthy food and nutrition resources – so if your community program is seeking support in these areas we will take it into consideration.

2. We need your request in writing via email to with details of when, where, why, and how many people your event is likely to reach and exactly what you need from us.

3. If your program is one we agree to support, we might ask you to give us a short report and/or story and photo about your event and our support. This helps us to best understand how our support has helped you and it will help you and your community program in future considerations. We also like to share stories of good things happening in our communities.

Here’s some aspects of our consideration you might find helpful to know ahead of applying as we don’t want to disappoint you.

1. Please send your request to us at least 6 weeks prior to your event or program so we have time to assess your request, liaise with you and can plan with our logistics group to send you our in-kind support.

2. We mostly offer in-kind support (products) however, the cost of transport and logistics often can be challenging, especially for small and remote areas. This means sometimes we might need to decline opportunities.

3. The programs we support financially are well established and budgets are allocated for annual planning in March of each year. Supporting other programs outside of these agreements is rare.

4. Sanitarium is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The seventh day of the week (Saturday) is a day of rest and we do not undertake any commercial activity. Therefore we do not seek to support events requesting commercial or promotional assistance during the hours of Friday sunset to Saturday sunset (the Sabbath).

5. We do not have “sample sized” products in our range. Show bags or events that are not aligned with our brand values of healthy food, active healthy lives or where competitor’s products are also included, will not be supplied.

6. We do not support school fetes, raffles, auctions, chocolate wheels, the sponsorship of individuals or requests for the resale of Sanitarium products.

7. Activities associated with gambling or any connection with alcohol, cigarettes or personal combat sports e.g. wrestling or boxing are not the kind of activities Sanitarium will support.

8. Sponsorship is where a brand gains promotional benefit in exchange for financial or in-kind support. Requests for sponsorship by our brands will be considered by our marketing teams.
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