Get a little more
help in the kitchen

Voice-activated Sanitarium recipes direct to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa smart speaker.

To cook with your Google Assistant on your Google Home:

"Hey Google..."

Step 1: Using your phone or tablet, find a Sanitarium recipe by:

  • asking your Google Assistant for a recipe, or
  • searching for a recipe using a Google Chrome browser

Please note, desktop is not supported.

Step 2: Click "Send to Google Home"

Step 3: Say … "Ok Google, start cooking "recipe name" to your Google Home

Step 4: Follow the instructions for the ingredients and method

To cook with Alexa using your Amazon Echo:


Step 1: Download the "Sanitarium Vegetarian Recipes" Alexa Skill from Amazon
What’s an Alexa Skill? Skills are voice-driven apps that enhance and personalise your Alexa devices.

Step 2: Say … "Alexa, open Sanitarium"

Step 3: Then say … "Find me a …"

You can search by recipe name, type and ingredient/s

Step 4: Say … "Alexa, start cooking"